Sunday, July 27, 2008

Upcoming Artists! Music Arts on the Isle

Here are some of the upcoming artists for Music Arts on the Isle. Hope to see you there!

Every Sunday 8pm SLT on Athena Isle.

27 July - Music by Onehempcat Oldrich with Art by Ianlee Patton

3 Aug - Music by Tukso Okey with Art by Tukso Okey

10 Aug - Music by Norma Falta with Art by Starshine Halasy

17 Aug - Music by Artel Brando with Art by Edman Obolensky

24 Aug - Music by JueL Resistance with Art by JueL Resistance

31 Aug - Music by Freestar Tammas with Art by Freestar Tammas

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Music Arts on the Isle Debuted in Second Life!


The new live music and arts show made it's debut on this past Sunday night at 8pm SLT (PST). Our lovely host JueL Resistance was joined by musical guest Niko Donburi and fine artist Filthy Fluno.

Music Arts on the Isle blends original music and visual arts. Stop by Athena Isle every Sunday at 8pm SLT to be part of the television audience and dance crowd. 

The show's Production Manager is Twstd Ruggles. 

The show's Creator & Producer is Cybergrrl Oh.

Music Arts on the Isle archive can be viewed on's web site or downloaded from iTunes.